R e b e l   R o a d s i d e

ALISON MCCONNELL [ guitar / vocals ]

KEVIN LEE [ drums ]

JOHNNY MARCEY [ guitar ]


From the Never Satisfied release [13 April 2018]:

Rebel Roadside anchors modern blues, soul, R&B and rock in the delta.

The New Orleans-based band is fronted by songwriter Alison McConnell, who recently released her second EP, Never Satisfied [Grand Route Records | April 2018].

McConnell relocated to the Crescent City in 2016 after releasing her first project, These Walls.

“Bringing my music here was romantic, desperate, hopeful and somewhat calculated,” she said. “I knew I had plenty to express - to get across and sing about - but I moved to learn from the musicians of Louisiana and from all walks of life.”

Rebel Roadside plays regularly at New Orleans venues such as DMac’s and the Old Point.

“There are a lot of amazing neighborhood venues here, with regulars who really appreciate original music,” McConnell said. “We’ve been grateful for the support. It’s allowed us to hone our sound and really dig into what I’ve written.”

A dynamic team of session players tackled Never Satisfied’s five tracks last November. Recorded at Marigny Studios in New Orleans, the session was McConnell's first as a producer.

“These are the first four tunes I wrote after settling here, plus one from a very dark morning years ago,” McConnell said. “I wanted to work with Marco Delmar again - as I did on These Walls - because he got me out of the woods into professional recording three years ago. This time around, I acted as co-producer, and together we made some big, ambitious decisions about each song's sound."

"The tunes are about endurance, survival, overcoming obstacles and inertia … and then taking command of that space to demand what one is rightfully due," she said. "And the studio team breathed a huge amount of life and fire into the material."

McConnell released Never Satisfied under her independent imprint, Grand Route Records, and said the band plans to release original Rebel Roadside music next. “We’re excited for what’s to come,” she said.